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Welcome to Paparazzi4HireBiz, LLC. Paparazzi4HireBiz, LLC is focused on making our clients, the average, everyday person. We’re not interested in the typical, uptight and conceded celebrities.
You’ve seen Hollywood stars being bombarded by photographers and reporters who pursue them for several blocks, snapping camera shots with bright flashes and asking personal questions. Well, now you can be the subject of everyone’s interest and infatuation. Amongst the blinding flashbulbs and rapid-fire interrogation, you can choose to be seemingly overwhelmed by all the attention or hold your composure and enjoy it. YOU BECOME THE CELEBRITY!

Experience the ultimate in celebrity status for you or your party as P4H has various packages available to choose from. We specialize in all types of parties and events, from birthday parties and weddings to anniversaries and engagement parties. From Jr. and Sr. Proms and graduations to bachelor/bachelorette parties as well as the ever popular Girls/Guy’s night out, any event that you want “media coverage” we can provide it and more…..

Our professional photographers and cameramen will follow you around town on a star studded day or night. Our team will come to any event of your choice or you can choose from one of many pre-created “High Profile, Celebrity Packages”.

Our team will create the ultimate celebrity experience and make you and your friends feel as if you were the talk of the town. The P4H crew will ask questions about your personal life, status on movies, music videos, the new love in your life etc…
At P4H, we want our clients to feel like a star and the memories of your experience will last you a lifetime!

Owner and Founder Mr. Anthony J. Jackson has been in the business of capturing those “once in a lifetime” moments for 10+ years as a freelance photographer and cameraman. He has also worked as a producer and writer. His passion is making you feel like the star you are